#75 Fangirl MD invades an exoplanet!

My view of EXO as they were saying their last greetings before returning backstage.
(022517 - EXO Planet #3: EXO'rDium in Manila)

Disclaimer: One long-ass post, coming right up!

I ain't done collecting my feelings yet, but in light of this #EXOrDIUMinManila PCD I'm having, here have some fragments of it:

1) Production-wise, Exordium was 10-100x better than Exoluxion. I see traces of Arashi! Dear Suho, make J proud. Hihi. Keep it up boys, you're on the right track!

2) Musically speaking, EXO has consistently provided us with high-quality bops and sobs (Stronger got me teary-eyed y'all), and to hear it LIVE = 💯 #BLESSEDT

3) Araneta Coliseum as this tour stop's venue: we almost brought the house down literally because of all those stomping we did HAHAHA good job PH EXO-Ls :p Also, GDI parang awa sa sobrang lapit homaygad mah pamili mah prends mah hart mah soul mah wallet is dead hahahuhu xD

4) EXO as a whole: f*cking handsome, talented, and passionate young men, like HOW ARE YOU GUYS REAL? They really fed off from the crowd's energy and gave us one hell of a show.

5) I've always been a Kyungsoo stan (a Xingmi too huhu) but gdi bias breakers were EVERYWHERE! I'm looking at you, Jongdae. Hah, more on that later.

6) Let's go to the members. First off: XIUMIN! My fairy oppa! I absolutely loved his high energy all throughout the con. You've definitely lived up to your promise to us last year, when you and Kai sat all throughout Exoluxion due to an injury. It's good to see you well, dancing so powerfully for all of us! I screamed a lot for you because you're so cute, oppa!

7) SUHO! You were a revelation! I always knew you were handsome, but GDI D'YOU REALLY HAVE TO BE THAT HANDSOME? That aside, thank you for appreciating us PH EXO-Ls, I can really feel your love and I feel so happy whenever I see your loving stare as you look over to the audience. Leadernim, I appreciate you more now!

8) Even though you weren't physically present, YIXING, always bear in mind that we love you. We love pain, so we'll love you just the same. Haha!

9) BAEKHYUN, you're a bright ball of positive energy! You were sooo extra, like seriously somebody collect and claim this man please hahaha! A++ vocals, of course! Too adorable for words! He just couldn't get enough of the Dessert Song tho, just like Chanyeol, haha. Also, he was right in front of us during Artificial Love, sooo.. dead. Haha!

10) CHEN. KIM FREAKING JONGDAE. You are an amazing man. As expected, topnotch vocal quality, but then again, Drop That pretty much sealed the deal for me. When he told us to jump, gdi fancam be damned, imma party and jump with you boy! What dysmenorrhea, what pain? Ain't nobody got time for that when Jongdae tells you to jump and party with him! Also, APPRECIATE THIS MAN GDI HE IS SO TALENTED AND SO HANDSOME AND DID YOU SEE HIS ARMS GDI HE DESERVES THE WORLD HE IS AN ANGEL give him warm milk and cookies pls huhuhu. Too much feels for Jongdae the bias breaker gdi.

11) CHANYEOL who sneakily brought his pet Toben with him and placed it on top of his head to camouflage as his fluffy hair (haha ofc jk lol), who owned both the acoustic and electric guitars, DJ PCY in the flesh, giant with an equally giant heart, who told us that we were liars for telling them that we were also there the first time they performed here in PH (amalayer, anyone? lol). He's a giant Energizer bunny istg can I take you home and have you as my powerbank?

12) KYUNGSOO MY RAISON D'ÊTRE my smol and soft and squishy penguin love! You never fail to amaze me, and I think you never will, like ever. He was so happy and fluffy, and when he made a mistake during Artificial Love and he gestured to the audience near him to "shh - keep quiet" istg I died. When he dished out that mini-performance of Ne-Yo's Because of You istg my soul just flew away I was mindblown I had a mental breakdown and I questioned myself as to what did I actually do to deserve this perfection. Words will never be enough to express how much I love you, huhuhu. Feels, feels everywhere! Such a trash, a baSOOra! 🐧💞

13) KAI! I was practically speechless everytime I see him dance because BEHOLD THE PERFECTION THAT IS KIM JONGIN! The only thing I could say was "grabe ka, Kai!" and I dunno how to translate that in English lol. This dazzling beauty was unfortunately not feeling well during our concert day, but gdi DID HE DELIVER OH YES HE EFFING DID. What stomach ache? He dealt with it in such a professional manner I am in tears at his dedication and passion huhuhu I hope you enjoyed your Jollibee Spicy Chickenjoy, Nini.

14) OH MY FREAKING OH SEHUN! He is handsome and sexy af and did you guys see his body rolls during White Noise and his cane-grinding in Artificial Love? Holy heavens! Anyhoo, maknae dances so so well, he may look stern and stoic at times but I swear I think there's a soft and sensitive person inside. I love soft people huhuhu.

15) I have tons more, some thoughts coherent and some just plain gibberish/flailing/cussing, but lemme just end it on this note: EVERY F*CKING PESO I SPENT WAS WORTH IT. Time well spent with friends (Basura Club!!!) as well. If time and life permits, I most definitely would like to go to Exoplanet #4 in Manila! 😍

#74 It is done!

Coming out from the exam venue, feeling asdflkjhg, only to find the people who've supported you through every step of the way waiting for you outside, with a bouquet of very pretty but unknown flowers (I am flower-illiterate, sorry for that) and the ONE type of flower that excites you the most. In a pot. A sunflower in a pot. I have a sunflower in a pot on my patio. My kazoku knows me too well.

So hi, meet Hima-chan the sunflower! And it's good to be home~ 🌻💕✨

It has been a rough and tough ride. My nine years of medical education has been summed up into those two gruelling weekends of stress. Wishing, hoping, and praying for the best! But now, rest! 😊


Uminom ng mainit na gatas sa madaling araw. Huminto. Huminga.

Huwag nang mag-isip. Tahan na't magpahinga na. Mahaba at malayo pa ang landas na tatahakin.
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#72 Liquid Confidence

"After all this time?"


How about, hmm, NO?


In which I finally find out that I am allergic to alcoholic drinks. Just freaking great.


Friends having relationsh*ts (yes, pun fully intended) and I need to be their voice of reason, just because. Hello people, have you never considered the fact that I am an NBSB person? How in the world am I supposed to fix this sh*t, your sh*t?

Kunwari angst-filled. Hahaha!

Poor, stupid friends of mine. Oh just what am I going to do with them? -_-'


The flailing never ends. Mr. Acquired Taste, congratulations for turning my world upside down. XOXO~ :)


#71 Birthday Hits

#2ne4 as my birthday hashtag is such a silly one but I am simply amused, so deal with it, guys.

Twenty four years of living in this beautiful world (uh-huh that was fully intended). Just, wow. Now that I'm a year older (and wiser, hopefully), I'm sure that all sorts of things are in store for me. My game face is on, world! Bring it on! :)

Claiming that this year will be an awesome one! Woohoo!


#70 Thank you, beautiful world :)

tl;dr yet againCollapse )


So, it's a reflection of sorts for our recently concluded 2-day medical mission (and ++ days of R&R) in Batanes. The surreal beauty of the place cannot be encapsulated in words, I tell you. Even the pictures do not give justice to the majesty and grace of its rolling hills and beyond beautiful beaches. Ah, it makes me proud to be a Filipino, really! <3


I tried to be as casual as I can while writing in Filipino. This is beyond saddening - that I now find writing to be a difficult task. Gone are the days when I could whip out poems and paragraphs filled with feelings and emotions that I know I will never share to the world (haha). Oh man, living in a left-brained world is draining the creative juices out of me.

#69 Bleh

Play. Rewind. Stop. Play.
Answers not bound to be found.
Are you happy now?


So much longing - longing that I've seemingly forgotten already.
I remember the words, but I don't remember the feeling anymore.